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Your lips look blue, would you like me to warm those up for you?
exo ordering food.
  • they're looking at the menu
  • cashier: are you guys ready to order?
  • exo: kris what did he say?
  • kris: he said if you guys are ready to order. What do you guys want?
  • kai, d.o, and chanyeol: we want pasta!
  • chen and luhan: we'll get those sandwiches!
  • tao: gege I waaant what you're geeeting (╯3╰)
  • lay and suho: Do they sell bulgogi here?
  • xiumin: do they have siopao? (◡‿◡✿)
  • baekhyun: you know what would be funny? If I ate bacon. LOL.
  • kris:
  • cashier:
  • kris:
  • cashier:
  • sehun: I WANT PIZZTHA

Can I have this dance?